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 Rules Team X L N C

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PostSubject: Rules Team X L N C   Mon Feb 06, 2017 3:59 pm

Clan Rules

We expect all of our members to be able to follow all of our simple and obvious rules. This will help insure the clan chat runs easily and hassle free.
Breaking of the rules will be dealt with by a senior clan member as soon as possible with the necessary punishment:
a. Informal Warning
b. Official warning and De-Ranking
c. Permanent ban from Team X L N C

1.) Be Courteous to all clan members.
2.) Do not bring unnecessary attitude and drama to the clan chat.
3.) No advertising in the clan chat.
4.) Do not instigate or provoke others.
5.) No Multi-Clanning.
6.) No Merching in the clan chat.
7.) No Spamming.
8.) No Staking for other members in the clan chat.
9.) Jagex Rules - Respect and Follow them.
10.) No Scamming - all loots will be split evenly and fairly. This should be discussed before the trip by the people attending. We suggest having this agreement in picture form (screenshot etc) in case of any incident or disagreement.

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Rules Team X L N C
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